Front-Line Lingerie Products is an

innovative, global player and belongs to

the top 5 Bra Cup and One-Piece-Bra

suppliers in the world.  A position based on

a magnificent price/quality ratio combined

with outstanding service.  One of the

unique selling points is the Asian accuracy;

the production unit checks each item by

hand before it leaves the factory.

top quality
top service
top product

Apart from our headquarters in The

Netherlands we have offices and agents

in the United Kingdom, France and

various other countries in Europe.  The fast

expansion of Front-line Lingerie Products

has resulted in an independent office in

China.  A major aspect of our

service and quality is the fact that we can

communicate with virtually all our clients in

their native language.




  Front-line Lingerie Products Head Office
 De Vlotkampweg 76
 The Netherlands

  Front-line Lingerie Products France
  Renée Lucian Cléaud
  109 Route de Genève, 69140 Crépieux
  Tel. +33 612458379

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